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Why hermits are happy ?

Why are hermits happy ? They don't wear trendy footwear, expensive watches or drive big cars. They do not have the privilege of social bonds , affection from family and friends. While I am writing, I am wondering what is the basis of my question ! Why should they not be happy? Who determined  what must make us happy or unhappy ? Social construct , is it?  It is  formed over centuries which leads us to believe what we believe in . It exists because humans acknowledge its existence whereas it may not  exist if  seen objectively. If one is unhappy, it is  because S/he got things contrary to this construct. Tough is to break free from it and create a new one. To break free means to rebuild the frame that we live in, the frame which defines love, hatred, desirable, undesirable, success, failure and so on. Freeing up the mind from pre existing and filling it up with new definitions, This is creativity ! Can we  just flip this construct ? and see the magic unfold.
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When nothing works…

Plans that we had conceived are swayed away ! Many a times they fructify while at other times surprisingly different outcomes are encountered. We do not know who caused them and how they were created. Some major shakeups just come from nowhere like a typhoon which leave behind stillness and nothing is same any more ! Some new order is seen, a new arrangement of the constituents of life! We try hard to find some things or hold on to others, yet we never find them or are able to preserve them. Maybe we are born with some entitlements decided by we don’t know who. May be god, may be that is destiny ! Does this give a grim picture of life, making us humans a pawn in the hands of some unknown power? It gives me more power though to think that I don’t control everything and that some things are beyond me. With this thought I can blame myself less for my failures which makes it easier to move on and start all over again. Being inactive and leaving things to DESTINY is no alter

I die to live !

  I saw his photo on the social media  among the dead, the cruel pandemic had snatched him away from us for ever. His life had just begun, he was supposed to live for many more years. After all, hardly anyone dies at that age. He was just perfect, a beautiful family, good job, superior intellect  loads of creative work done .   I try to control my life's events and plan for future to make it safe and live able. Yet, I lose control when un planned situations arrive un-invited. This is the hide and seek of life. For some life is picture perfect whereas for others nothing works. We are in search of answers to such questions constantly wondering what is the mechanism of life, can we create a rule book and just follow it? Life would be simpler, but life continues to be an enigma. It is interesting that I did not choose to be born but once my journey began, this life which was not my choice became so much just mine that I am dying to live. Everyday life tests me, I go through pain and

If I could change the past

  If only we could change the past and start all over again ! In a heart full of unmet desires, the craving dies only when our breath stops ! All those decisions that we took and could not fulfil our desires; Things that we would not have said to save hearts from breaking, if only those words could be recalled ! The things that we could have done differently for success ! If only we had not lost the ones who we loved the most ! If only we were not betrayed by someone who we trusted so much !   These “ifs” are infinite ! What is new about the NEW YEAR anyway, it is just another day in the calendar but we make it special as if we are welcoming a new spring bloom or a new born baby. Why is NEW so fascinating? These “Ifs” …………………………. Desperately need HOPE ! NEW is HOPE ! I Wish that NEW year 2022 changes all your “Ifs” forever………………. For good.

A letter to god

  Dear God, I am writing this letter to you because there are many grudges I have with my life and the tendency of a human beings is to always hold someone or something responsible for the same. I started expressing my frustrations by being angry with other people , for insignificant reasons. They hurt me more now because I spend too much time thinking about their behaviour. At other times when I was happy with my own life, I may not have done that . I realized that I was disturbing  peace of other's  minds and this was unfair on my part as it caused even more bitterness and a bad taste. Nevertheless, I am angry and I have to vent out my frustration. I thought that you are the most convenient punching bag without any side effects. May be when I am alone, I will talk to you, shout at you and blame you for the unpleasant things happening to me . This I think will  minimize my expectations from others. I will be a free person and in the process I will set others free too.  My

I love you really

  Once there was a young girl in the beautiful valley who would wait for the sun to appear in the morning only to enjoy its warmth, during the cold autumn days. She would spread a mat in her small and cosy lawn and take out all her toys and play as long she could, till her mother would call her to come in for lunch. The thought of going inside felt uncomfortable as she imagined the cold inside. Her face lit up with the warmth of the sun and she would feel gloomy on those days when the sun did not appear. She got very curious about this ball of fire and would ask her parents, questions about the same. She wanted to meet the sun and play with it, tell the sun how much it’s existence meant to her and how it made her happy and jubilant. She found answers to her many questions but could not bear the only answer that “the sun was beyond anyone’s reach.” Day after day she grew sad and her desire to meet this source of her existence grew stronger and stronger. She became ill, wouldn’t eat o

Move on

  We never wish to admit that someone who we love can ever hurt so we try to give every possible explanation to protect him/her. However we pay the price for this . Inside, it kills  but we choose to suffer and not admit the truth. If we try to shield and cover up  for long, it  increases our own suffering.  This arrangement cannot be sustainable. Some day we can be pushed into deep inconsolable pain .We may pretend having no pain and hence will do nothing to alleviate it. We might as well blame  our expectations and cause more self harm. That is why  the pain inflicted by a loved one causes more harm than that of a stranger . Our heart  does not accept the truth and we bear the suffering quietly without even acknowledging it. If we  are worn out ourselves, we become incapable of protecting others. So I guess best is to acknowledge , forgive and move on.

Good selfishness

  You are the only one who stays with you till the last breath. You are your accomplice in life so treat yourself well. People will come and go but you will stay with you. Love yourself. Do not always kill your inner desires and the things that you like, don’t struggle always to go upstream. Sometimes just go with the flow because we anyway do not always know which direction is the right one. Don’t be hard on you because you may wither yourself away and what will remain is your body and the soul with die. What will you do with a life without a soul. Love yourself, nourish your body and mind with healthy and positive things. Your duty as a human being is certainly not to ill treat yourself. Being good to others should in no way mean not being good to yourself. Sacrificing too much for others may sometimes render you incapable of giving more to them. If you wish to constantly give to others then it is necessary that you care for yourself and keep yourself happy. Your own happiness is

Enigma of life

  It is interesting that I did not choose to be born, I got this life from someone. Once my journey begins this life which was not my choice became so much just mine that I am dying to live. Everyday life tests me, I go through pain and suffering and struggle to keep myself alive every day. If I am rich, I am constantly working towards making my life more and more comfortable and enjoyable and If I am poor, I am struggling to feed myself everyday to stay alive. I try to control my life, it’s events and plan for future to make it safe and livable. Yet, I lose control because the situations I did not plan for arrived un-invited. This is the hide and seek of life. For some life is picture perfect whereas for others nothing works. We are in search of answers to such questions constantly wondering what is the mechanism of life, can we create a rule book and just follow it? Life would be simpler, but life continues to be an enigma.

Cant see them rot !

  A bunch of roses in a flower vase is adorable, it spreads fragrance and displays beauty but a time comes when we need to let it go or else it will rot in front of our eyes and we can’t see that. Change is the rule of nature.  It could be people, objects, our adamancy & insistence about things which needs to be let go. Old replaces new, memories stay with us, haunt us..... However, Sometimes we need to let go!

Don't you trust your craziness ?

  I think it is easier to set an example and chalk out a new path than to follow an already treaded path. This might sound crazy but believe me being a follower all life is tiring and disappointing at times if it does not fetch results. On the contrary if you create a new opportunity so that others follow you, you are actually creating possibilities for yourself and for others. We have to choose between whether we wish to be at other’s mercy and wait for directions or do we need to innovate and be in charge while opening up new doors. Welcome to entrepreneurship! Innovation,   is not easy but if we spent equal efforts on this rather than running around to seek from others, we shall be making a more productive use of our energy and we can end up with some tangible idea. For those who have aptitude but low confidence this write up would be quite helpful. I have one thing to say to them and that is don’t feel small and insignificant when you see   all the big initiatives being taken

Final destination

On my birthday, I take a moment and look back and I see a girl  who used to be  quite aspirational and ambitious, who tried to plan everything in advance , all her anticipated successes and joys, based on her limited knowledge about happiness and success. She went about achieving her planned success with great energy, worked hard and displayed exemplary will power. She made choices which she thought led her towards her planned goal of happiness in personal and professional life. She was indeed quite picky about her choices and she felt totally in charge of her life. Fifty years hence, I seem to have reached some unknown destination.  It seems no planning worked. So many surprises in life, never ever imagined situations swipe away the current state like a storm takes away with it everything that is there on the sea shore. Alas, I can’t go back in time and change my choices. Fear cripples us. The fear of where will my livelihood come from? Will I have food, home, health, money in the